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KeyQaad signs new artist, M3LON with his Debut EP, Ex & Os.

Fatuga Ademola Abdul-Hafeez with stage name M3LON pronounced just like the fruit. Yes, like the Watermelon fruit; makes music that would have you tapping your feet and bumping your head to his gliding rhythm that he sometimes blends with a staccato delivery.

Having a father that made music in his youth, M3LON has always been encouraged by his tightly knitted large family to push his craft and stay relentless with the drive.

Basking in the glory of tradition and self-awareness, Ademola hails from a royal family in Olisa, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.

This positions M3LON to be deeply rooted in his cultural heritage which he translates into his music that in turn makes Afrobeats more than just an aesthetic to him but a way of life and a means of communication.

Bagging a record deal with KEYQAAD, one of Africa’s top labels and home to international superstar Omah Lay; M3LON surfs on a wave that’s an amalgamation of African percussions, nostalgia, cultural heritage and exhilarating melodies which is displayed in his debut EP – Ex & Os.

With Talents like this, we can definitely say that the future of Afrobeats is in safe hands.

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